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Excavation in 1920 Adversity - Review of Shandong Xinhe Papermaking Engineering Co., Ltd. 2014

  In 2014, companies encountered the most difficult year, the degree of difficulty unprecedented. In the face of various difficulties, Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd. conscientiously implement the objectives and specific requirements of the work conference at the beginning of the year, continue to carry forward the hard work of pioneering hard fight, strengthen the team building, do a good job marketing, ensure safety and quality, Open source and throttling, income savings, bold pioneering, innovative, and achieved remarkable results. Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd. in the doldrums of 2014, the successful realization of the four major breakthroughs.    
  The first breakthrough: the new product officially put into operation to achieve technological breakthroughs  
  Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2012 and Italy to reach a comprehensive technical and product cooperation intention, the beginning of 2013 the successful purchase of a full set of steel Yankee dryer manufacturing technology, and digestion and absorption, made a number of patent protection, 2014 Year steel Yankee dryer successfully put into operation, and to achieve the order of the good start, the diameter of 3000 has signed four, the diameter of 3660 has signed six, the diameter of 4500 has signed a! Design R & D and processing team building is the company's new product strategy of the most important, the company has three patent protection products. Steel Yankee dryer project from the beginning of the construction, from the analysis of the material to trial production, trial and error, exploration experience, equipment selection to procurement commissioning, to the finished product mass production, bang, get the Italian counterparts highly affirmed. The real realization of the national paper industry broke through the monopoly of imports, so that foreign imports have to significantly lower prices sales, to achieve a real breakthrough.
  Because of cooperation with Italy, sincerely to the partners to learn the production standards of products according to European standards, has been a large number of domestic and foreign customers of the product recognition. 2013 for the Peruvian customers to produce 2850 long net toilet paper one, the first half of 2014 is put into operation, made the customer's high degree of recognition, the customer became the agent in South America, the first half of the successful sale of a 700 m board machine Of a closed car hood, to open the South American market has laid a solid foundation. For Iran, Algeria, Uzbek customers produce a new crescent-style tissue machine. Production of a long line of 350 meters of food packaging paper production line for Czech customers! Products are shipped or installed!  
  The third breakthrough, the company listed on the development of a major breakthrough in the development
  Since the opening of the company in September 2013 to prepare for the listing work, in October accounting firm, law firm stationed in the company, after a year of hard work, the company in November 10, 2014 officially listed on the new board in Beijing, to achieve the company In the development of qualitative leap! Stock Name: Shandong letter and, stock code: 831338, is the first papermaking machinery industry listed stocks! For the future development of enterprises laid a solid foundation. Listed at the same time regulate the enterprise management, straighten out the relationship between property rights, and enhance the cohesion of employees and enterprises to solve the development of multi-channel financing problems, the real access to the capital market. Realize the development of a small company's sunshine! 
  The fourth breakthrough, the use of multi-species of paper production model to achieve a major breakthrough in energy saving
January 2014 and Chengdu Precision Paper signed 2850/600 energy-saving environment-friendly crescent toilet paper machine, the machine does not use the dispersant in the production, is the original paper machine water consumption of 50%, saving more than 20% of steam, and this year January formally entered the production. The machine is the first multi-faceted innovation, one is the first set of crescent full flow headbox; the second is the new concept of high porosity vacuum roll; third is the first set of 3000 steel Yankee dryer; The Application of New Energy - saving. I believe that this toilet paper machine will be the majority of life to bring the concept of energy-saving paper plant, will also give users create huge profits, but also will open up new paper production equipment, paper market.
  Difficulties and opportunities coexist. In 2014, Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd. really realized the true meaning of this sentence. We believe that 2015 will be a key year for the development and difficulties of enterprises at the same time, we are confident that we are determined to use our wisdom and strength in the face of difficult pressure to unite our company to develop new glory.

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