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  Traditional industries to improve quality and efficiency, we must as soon as possible to achieve the development of the engine upgrade. Paper is the traditional advantages of Shandong industry, but also large sewage and resource consumption. Shandong has implemented the plan, consolidate and enhance the traditional competitive advantage, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry.
  According to the Shandong Radio and Television News Center, "Shandong News Network" reported that this program from the adjustment of raw materials structure, optimize product variety, lengthen the industrial chain and other aspects of the development of papermaking enterprises to provide guidance. Raw materials, to encourage papermaking enterprises to go out to integrate foreign raw material resources, while vigorously promote the creation of spring forest paper and its pulp and waste waste utilization of the industrial chain model. Guide enterprises to improve the utilization of waste paper.
  Optimize the adjustment of product structure, and guide the paper products to low-quantitative, low consumption, low whiteness of the new concept of consumption changes, to high-intensity, functional, environmentally friendly, high value-added aspects of upgrading. Chenming Group will add special paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper and other products 1.5 million tons, Huatai Group will also complete the newsprint, cultural paper transformation.
Huatai Group, deputy general manager of production technology Xie Shibing told reporters, "like from the newsprint over the transformation of a 160,000 tons of high - grade new teaching paper production line, an annual increase of 36 million yuan in profits.
  To both ends of the chain to elongate the chain, improve product brand and added value. Jining sun paper industry, has formed a 433 "profit model, the traditional paper industry accounted for only 40% of corporate profits.
Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. chief engineer should explain the Guangdong, the so-called "433" development strategy is that we 30% of the new material this piece, the development of the second 30% is FMCG development and FMCG market Enter, to achieve our two high-speed positive growth point.
  In 2013, the province's paper and cardboard production 17.8 million tons, to achieve product sales income of 118 billion yuan, production, efficiency for 19 consecutive years ranked first in the country. According to the development plan, by 2020, Shandong paper production to reach 21 million tons, the industry to achieve product sales revenue of 153 billion yuan, production and major economic indicators continue to maintain the country's leading. Through the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction and technological innovation, and gradually achieve cleaner production and green development.

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