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  Shandong Xinhe Paper-making Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Liaocheng (a city enjoying a reputation as the “water city north of Yangtze River”) in the west of Shandong. The company is engaged in the paper making industry, integrating paper machinery manufacturing, engineering installation and commissioning, and paper engineering general contracting. It has a group of high-quality former employees of state enterprises, and an R & D team, with complete and powerful high-precision professional machining and welding capabilities. Since its inception, the company has served dozens of paper making enterprises, with dozens of production lines, being unanimously praised by users. It has solely contracted more than a dozen of production lines for a number of paper mills, and a large number of entire production lines and parts are exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, South America and other countries.
  Italian Comer S.p.A. was founded in 1960, located in the beautiful ancient city of Vicenza, Italy, a world famous place of architecture. Comer S.p.A. has been long dedicated to the design and manufacturing of mechanical groundwood pulp and waste paper deinking production lines, high-speed toilet paper machines, all kinds of stock discharge boxes, and steel Yankee dryers. So far, it has had a number of high-speed toilet paper machine production lines normally running in the United States, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and other countries. All the paper machines have a speed of at least 1200m/min (weight 13g/m2); the finished paper has high softness and low energy consumption per ton of paper. The company has a first-class design team, advanced processing equipment and welding systems, as well as slurry stock and slurry flow research laboratories.
  After both companies entered into formal cooperation this year, Comer S.p.A. authorized Shandong Xinhe Paper-making Engineering Co., Ltd. to be the exclusive agent in China, which is mainly responsible for promoting crescent tissue machines 2800-5000mm in width and 1200m/min-2000m/min in speed, and retailing all types of stock discharge boxes, steel Yankee dryers, vacuum rollers, scraping blades and other advanced high-quality components as well as various pulping equipment.
  Shandong Xinhe Paper-making Engineering Co., Ltd. And Comer S.p.A. join hands to provide superior-quality products and designs, laboratory services, as well as on-site installation, commissioning, training and other services for paper making users and


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